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eBay Suspension? – You Can Get Back on eBay After an eBay Suspension

If you’ve had an eBay suspension and need to get back on eBay, then read on. This auction site tracks all sellers and buyers. If you are not aboveboard and adhere to all of their policies and procedures, you too may end up with an eBay suspension. Make sure to pay your sellers account fees on time also. We’ll give you some insight into the main reasons that you may have been suspended or lost your account.

They keep track of all sellers and buyers on their system by installing a multitude of cookies in your browser. They keep track of exactly what you do, where you go on the site and what you buy. There are a few main reasons that a seller or a buyer might end up with an eBay suspension.

Sellers dealing in any type of counterfeit items and selling them as originals.
Any type of fraudulent selling, misrepresenting an item.
Selling stolen or illegal items may end up with an eBay Suspension
Selling any type of illegal item.
Not paying your fees on time. Once your fees are due, they are due. They have already extended their service to you, you pay only after they have provided this service. So it only makes sense that they may suspend your account if you’re not paying them for their service.
You will also end up with an eBay suspension if you’re repeatedly violating copyright or infringement laws. This can be known to happen accidentally, which I, in fact have done. Mine was actually a trademark violation. I made that mistake that since other people were putting up auctions to this effect, that I could also. My mistake, they pulled my auction and told me about the policy violation. It was my fault, I didn’t repeat the mistake.
Repeated policy violations will get you an eBay suspension also. Make sure you know the rules, and just because another seller may be doing something, it doesn’t mean you can do it too. They just haven’t been caught yet.
Last and certainly not least, is when a seller is unfairly suspended through no fault of their own. There may be a situation where an overly zealous employee will receive a complaint from a competitor of yours. Of course this competitor doesn’t want you as more competition, so will try to get you thrown off. I’ve had similar things happen to me. Anyway, they don’t have the time or the employees required to verify every complaint, so they act first and “maybe” ask questions later. Once suspended, it can be very difficult to get back on eBay, if not seemingly impossible. There are ways to get back on if you have had an eBay suspension. It is not impossible, but you do have to have the right knowledge and know the proper procedures and exactly what you need to do to get back on. An eBay suspension doesn’t have to be the end of the world.


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eBay and Mobile Marketing

Mobile technology has certainly changed the nature of trade and commerce in modern times. In particular, though it has led to a dramatic shift in the conduct of online retail.

Mobile technology has certainly changed the nature of trade and commerce in modern times. In particular, though it has led to a dramatic shift in the conduct of online retail. Where just a few years ago, we would be confined to desktops in pursuing our internet shopping needs, these days, consumers can bid and list auctions with just a few clicks on smartphones such as the Blackberry and iPhone.

Not one to be left behind, eBay has played a central role in the development of mobile shopping. In 2009, its worldwide mobile sales amounted to nearly $ 600 million US dollars. In 2010, this figure was closer to $ 2 billion. With rapid growth in a number of key markets leading the way, particularly in the United Kingdom, eBay is working hard at securing its position at the forefront of mobile retail.

eBay’s mobile retail experience is primarily offered through applications. In 2010, two of its popular apps were ‘Selling’ and ‘Classifieds’. While the names may not be revolutionary, both simplified considerably the process of listing an item for sale or bidding in an auction. For example, the time it would take to create a new auction was reduced to less than 60 seconds. Since then, eBay has continued to innovate and has regularly released new and more sophisticated apps. Recently, it announced that it is developing the first truly international mobile retail app in partnership with telecommunications giant, Telefonica.

eBay’s successful use of applications has in large part been a result of an equally successful marketing campaign. Its sponsoring of the tagging feature found in the music recognition app Shazam is just one of a number of ways that it has sought to increase the profile of mobile shopping and the number of people engaging in it. With its recent acquisition of specialist mobile marketing provider, ‘Where Inc’, eBay clearly intends for mobile advertising to be an integral part of its future.

Looking forwards, eBay is projected to increase its mobile sales to $ 4 billion in 2011. With its ever expanding array of applications and mobile advertising strategies, the statement of senior eBay exec, Steve Yankovich, that “the future of shopping for our customers is mobile” could not be more true.


For more information about mobile marketing please visit our website: http://www.txt2get.com/

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Find Ebay Courier Companies Online

Sending things from one place to another might be a difficult task for people at times. However, this work is very easy for those companies who specialize in this work. Such companies take orders from other people/organizations and they deliver things on their behalf. There are various such organizations which need to send various kinds of parcels to their customers, prospective customers, suppliers etc. Also, individuals need to send various things to their relatives, friends and other people.

Anyone who wishes to send something from one place to another might know that the services of courier companies should be hired to save time and money. People cannot afford to waste their time and money just for delivering a few things. Also, when things are required to be sent out of their cities or to some other country then they will not even think of making the delivery by themselves.

That’s why services of courier companies are considered very important. A large number of such companies have emerged in different parts of the world as there is high demand for them.

People who are looking for ebay parcel delivery companies can search for them online. There are various people who shop from eBay and then they need to get their things delivered. For this, they need the services of ebay courier companies. There are various such courier companies which are compatible with eBay. People should choose a courier company after doing their part of research. There is no use of hiring services of such a courier company which makes parcel deliveries after the deadlines.

In order to deliver various kinds of backloads, courier companies use various kinds of large trucks.

Many such companies also take care of the environment while delivering things from one place to another. They carry as much backloads as they can so that they do not need to go to one place again and again. This causes less pollution. As more and more people are getting conscious about saving their environment, they always look for such courier companies which can make parcel deliveries in a green way.

You might know that different courier companies charge different prices for their services according to their reputation and level of services. People who wish to save their money should do courier comparison in order to know which companies charge affordable fees for their courier services. By doing courier comparison, people will also get to know which courier companies can make parcel deliveries on time.

People should always hire services of those courier companies which can make safe and timely deliveries of various kinds of parcels. The requirements of various organizations and people to send various parcels to various places are quite large at present. Such organizations and individuals need to find out the best courier companies for sending their things to other places in a safe manner. Online, one can easily search for such courier companies. Next time you need courier services, go online to find a suitable courier company.

MrCarrier.com prides itself in being the greenest company for parcel deliveries UK. If you want to send parcels UK then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll also help you with parcel delivery price comparison.

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Extra Money From eBay

We all could use a little bit of extra money.  One very easy way to get some is to take a look  around your house to see what you aren’t using any more and then sell it off. Many people do this by having  garage sale.  That is fine if you are in a major hurry to get clutter cleared out, but it might be worth your time to take a few minutes to see if items similar to yours are selling on eBay.

Selling on eBay is actually quite simple.  You sign up for free, follow their step by step instructions and before you know it, you are selling on the internet.  I have sold many items on eBay that people have literally given away to me for free at garage sales and yard sales.  The things that people will pay for can be quite surprising.  Although I am willing and able to go out and search garage sales for bargains, many people do not have the time or the inclination to do likewise.  For them, it is worth the extra expense they pay by buying their merchandise on eBay.  That is great news for sellers like me.  It works out quite well.  I put in the time digging up the stuff at yard sales, which I enjoy anyway, and the eBay buyers pay me for the convenience of shopping at home.  It is a definite win/win situation as far as I can see.

After you have sold off unwanted items from your own home, spend a little bit of time browsing through the completed auctions in the various categories of eBay.  This is where you can find out what is selling and what is not.  One of the best areas to target if you are going to start looking for merchandise to sell, is the collectibles category.  There is a collector for just about anything you can imagine.  Jot down some notes about what is selling well and then go out and visit some yard sales, garage sales and estate sales.  Once you sell your first item that cost you a dollar for a profit of ten or twenty dollars you will probably want to repeat the process.  Simply go back to eBay and jot down some more items to keep a watch for when you go shopping.  If you have a little bit of extra time to head out to the sales on Saturday morning, you can make yourself a nice little extra income.

Please visit to read more about how to sell on eBay and other ways to make money.

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eBay Or GameStop

Do you play a lot of video games? Are you one of those people that buy a video game, beat it, and then trade it in at GameStop for another video game? Have you ever felt like you were getting ripped off? Well, I have a solution for you. Imagine getting your next game for free, or maybe only having to pay a few dollars for it as opposed to the large chunk of change that GameStop would take out of your wallet after you get a few measly dollars for your trade in. I’m talking about going the smart way to getting your video game fix. I’m talking about buying and selling your video games on eBay.

Everyone knows that eBay is one of the best places to buy just about anything at a discounted price, and video games are no different. You can save anywhere from a few dollars to over $ 20 if you buy your video games on eBay instead of at a local retailer. And the best part is, you can sell the same game back, just the same, and then buy yourself a new one.

The savings are phenomenal if you think about it, especially if you play a lot of video games. Sometimes you can even get more for your video games than what you originally paid for them. I have personally experienced this several times.

When placing a bid on a video game, think about the most you’d be willing to pay for it if you were going to buy it retail. Subtract shipping and handling from that price. Then bid. Chances are you’ll win the bid at a lot less than the retail price would be. Or, if you want to be a spend thrift, as I often am, set the price at the most you’d be willing to pay for the game, even if it’s below retail. If you have the cash, I’d recommend bidding on a bunch of the same game at this way low price.

Chances are, you won’t win most of the auctions. But if you win one at a steal it would be all worth it. Plus, if you win two copies, you can always resell one of them. This method works great and I use it quite often. When Nintendo Wiis first came out and were sold out in stores, they were selling on eBay for $ 600 and higher. By using the method I described above, I won my Nintedo Wii at $ 330 with 18 free games. That’s less than they were selling for in stores at the time. And I’m not talking about 18 games that no one would want. My Wii came with Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Wii Sports, and Legend of Zelda for the Wii. The other 15 games were really good GameCube games.

So next time you’re thinking about trading in one of your video games at GameStop, you might want to take a second and consider cashing it in on eBay instead.

If you liked this article and are interested in eBay, please check out my Squidoo lens at http://www.squidoo.com/masteringebay

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How to Shop on Ebay

There are a large number of companies who provide auction sniping services. Of course, it is always wise to make sure the company a person partners with is legit, as they do ask for the user’s eBay username and password. Using an auction sniper service provider allows bidders to avoid personal bidding mania, along with the ability to keep prices down by disabling other bidders from bidding against you.


It is also wise to search for products by typing in common misspellings of the product. Most bidders on eBay do not search for common misspellings so the bids on these products are often times very low.

eBay enables users to set up favourite search settings; this allows the user to receive an email every time that a product is listed that falls into the user’s search terms. Bidders especially love using this service for Buy it Now listings because it enables them to get early views of the item that most bidders miss out on.

Searching for antique items is a must. There is no sense in traveling around wasting time going to antique stores when most times the item can be easily found on eBay.

There is a great deal of sellers who sell clothing with the status of new with tags. Checking out different sellers and adding them to your favourite list enables a person to always stay up to date on great discounts that the seller may be offering.

Even though some people may think they could never afford to buy high-end name-brand clothing, with eBay this is not always the case. Buying used high-end clothing becomes very affordable with a simple eBay search.

No matter what a buyer is looking for, car tires to Steiff teddy bears, finding the perfect product is as easy as counting to three when shopping on eBay.



Mandy Waters writes web friendly copy on a number of topics including buying gifts online

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Selling Products On eBay

  When it comes to eBay auctions, umteen people are unsafe as to how to select items to cozen – and where to gestate them. Patch figuring out which items cozen mortal on eBay may be a minuscule difficult, finding those items isn’t arduous at all! You virtuous jazz to be fanciful in your investigate, and book an open deal!

  Move your explore at your own domicile. Groom out the garage, the noodle, and the closets. You testament most apt be very jiggered at the items that you give maturate.

  Don’t straighten the slip of throwing things out, intellection that they are useless.

  What is junked to you may be very utilizable to someone added, and you should try to sale it off! Of direction, items that are raddled out to the measure of not working are not reclaimable to anyone – but if the point is old, and it works mechanism, it can be auctioned off…in fact, it doesn’t straight tally to be old or precious!

  Furnish to light out the attics and garages of senior group as comfortably.

  Senior people incline to execute onto things for age and eld, and as that quantify passes, those items transmute writer expensive. Request to buy items that you deed in their garret or garage. Most grouping don’t realise the appraise of what they someone, and you will likely gather up umpteen dominating commercialism items very punk. In fact, as a way of thanking you, the items may justified be given to you at no accuse!
  Call the field sales and garage sales in your expanse.

  Grouping delude things for close to zero at these income. If it is in good mold, and you guess you can sell it on eBay, buy it. Regularize if it turns out to be an eBay dud, you can e’er resell the item in your own grounds marketing to get your money support out of it. Nevertheless, do many explore before you advantage striking the curtilage sales. Regain out what items and brands are marketing asymptomatic on eBay.

  Flea markets are also major for judgment items to auction off at eBay.

  Record up with how such you pay for items at the flea markets, and when you line the items for sale at eBay, piddle reliable that your request toll is not little than what you originally professional for the items!

  Go to hardware auctions.

  Most hardware businesses auctioneer off the table of the store units when grouping miscarry to pay their store bills. This is a pleasing way to uncovering items to sell off on eBay. Realty income should also be attended to see intoxicated amount modify items.

  Added deciding is to use descent shippers for new items.

  Scope up an chronicle with a drapery shipper is really quite unproblematic. You can auction off kind new items using either the sell article or the buy now film at eBay. Retributive eliminate trustworthy that your jock damage for auctions is not little than what the component testament expenditure you! Once your part is oversubscribed, the deliver shipper will ship the symbol direct to your customer.

  The most weighty attribute nigh merchandising is that you pauperization to form careful the items that you knock are in genuine make and are saleable. This doesn’t think that the item has to be in perfect information – but if it is in fewer than perfect stipulation, you need to convey this entropy when you set up your vendue.

  Use your creativeness, and fix your eyes unsealed constantly for items that you can sale off on eBay. Again, do your research and see out which items and brands do symptomless on eBay. Pee a itemize, and communicate it with you wherever you go!

Get in on the exclusive secret that helps you 
make more money than 95% of current eBay Sellers RIGHT HERE NOW!

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Buying Games on eBay

The online gaming world is ripe with activity at all times. It’s a mad craze and many times it’s difficult to keep pace. This frenzy can only be satiated when players have a constant flow to new games that are realized regularly. Many online gamers take great pride in being game collectors whereas others are keen on getting their hands on the latest that’s on offer. It’s very important that you select a reliable source to buy games online and that’s where eBay steps in.

If you’re thinking of buying games on eBay there’s many thing you need to keep in mind. It’s true that you’ll find many cheap deals but it becomes your personal responsibility to find out what’s authentic and what’s not. It’s very important you read enough reviews on related forums regarding what you need to know about eBay offers. Being such a large platform, it just becomes a trading ground for buyers and sellers.

The site is not responsible for any of the trades, so if you pay for a product and don’t get delivery, you can always comment but eBay isn’t going to step in to settle the dispute.

In regards to buying games on eBay many buyers have complained about receiving a CD that hasn’t actually worked. You may not feel so bad because it was a cheap deal but nevertheless there is no need for such risks. You may see adverts which promote sealed copies for real cheap. Think wisely, that’s not really possible. These advertisements are most common from Asian traders and there is a possibility that you’re paying for a pirated copy. If you here about a bootleg version, that’s just what they mean. Everything will be copied onto a CD and the sealed copy that’s advertised refers to a disc in a CD sleeve with a cheap imprint on the CD and you’re not likely to receive a manual copy.

Such a trade could be troublesome as it’s pirated and if you ever get stuck, there will be no support from the company because you have a pirated copy.

eBay has ample policies in place that prevents traders from making false claims however there will always be traders who do falsely represent their ware just so that more and more people see what they have to sell. They use popular keywords to ensure visits. The other side of the story is that if they are offering a sealed copy they could be telling the truth since they aren’t supposed to place false adverts. However, it’s a good idea to take time and read all the positive and negative reviews that others have left on a thread as this will let you gauge the situation when you’re considering buying games on eBay.

Make sure you check the seller’s reputation. If there are demerits on a traders account, check thoroughly because the possibility of fraud is high. Don’t deal with new clients with no reputation. Try and pay via PayPal as that lets you file for a claim if the product delivered isn’t what it promised to be.

Hu Thomas is an experienced internet marketeer and can be found at his review site Winning Money Ways and at his game search engine Video Game Search

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Find Anything on eBay

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in stores, why not try the internet store or auction? eBay has a wide selection of products for sale and for auction. You can find unusual and unique items on eBay and even negotiate the price.

eBay is useful because there are so many different sellers offering their wares. If you can’t find what you need from one seller, try another.

When you find something on eBay that appeals to you, be sure to read the description thoroughly. Pay close attention to their feedback it will let you know if they are reputable and what others experience has been with them.

Check how much the seller is charging for shipping. Some sellers use the shipping and handling costs as a way to recoup money for a low selling price. It’s an unsavory way to do business but it’s not uncommon.

eBay is free to join, so go online and get a free account today.

Once you’re account is active you can start bidding on anything that catches your eye. You can search for items by writing the name of something in the search box.

The Advance search option will allow you to narrow down your search by such things as price. You can also use it to look through closed auctions to give you an idea of how much that item or similar ones have sold for. That can influence your bid.

You have nothing to lose by opening an account on eBay. You don’t have to bid on anything if you don’t want to. You can close the account whenever you’re ready. If are unsure, explore the site and do some searches before proc


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Where to Find Wholesale Drop Ship Suppliers for EBay – Wholesale Database?

Article by Yvonna Boss

Most people will start their search for suppliers on Internet. And this is a very big mistake. Simple put, your search is going to be a long one. You can literally spend hours searching and even if you do find some who are legit, you probably will be skeptical if you should sign up. The main reason you cannot find a lot of wholesale suppliers online, is because they will not advertise there. They want small business owners to have all their “ducks” in the row (meaning paperwork), before that business owner contacts them.

Now having all suppliers in one place would be a lot easier? Right? Actually, it is yes and no. Yes it would be easier, but I am not so sure if it would be as successful. Most people believe that if they had all drop shippers or wholesale suppliers at their fingertips they would be making a lot of profit. But you have to understand that what really will make your business successful is profitable products.

Another mistake most people make is to search for brand name products such as Sony Playstation 3, iPhone, xBox 360, Gucci, Prada may be selling a lot, but not necessarily are the most profitable products. In addition, small business owners who do not have a lot of money cannot even get that kind of inventory because they need to be approved by those companies first. Occasionally you may be able to buy those on liquidation and excess inventory, but will you make profits?

Did you know that most eBay sellers or should I say online sellers, do not concentrate on TOP brand names. They sell other brand names that may not be as recognizable to you and me, but they are to people searching for them. And there are a lot of those products to sell and make a nice profit. All you really need to know is how to research products, prices and how to quickly find wholesale suppliers. You can find out how, buy getting a free tutorial. Finding wholesale drop shipper suppliers is actually a lot easier than you think, but if you are searching online, you will lose a lot of time, and possibly money.

About the Author

Internet Business Owner, helping other succeed.

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

Internet Business Owner, helping other succeed.

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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