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TLDR: NASA, Podcasts, Apps, and Android ROMS

How to Leave a Good App Review Should You Install a Custom ROM on Your Android Device? Five Everyday Products Made Possible by NASA How to Insert Advertisements into Your Podcast Did You Get an iPhone for Christmas? Here Are 23 Must-have Apps Back Link of the Day Thanks to Timour Tech Review for linking to both our video about why the iPad isnt always awesome and the LockerGnome post about Four Reasons You Dont Really Need an iPad. Thats two back links! Thank you twice, then! If youd like to be mentioned as a Back Link of the Day, link to one of our posts on from your site and — this is the important part — tell us about it! Join us when the countdown ends!

23 Responses to “TLDR: NASA, Podcasts, Apps, and Android ROMS”

  1. ThePivotloversable says:

    how old are you? and nice review about Windows 8

  2. ThePivotloversable says:

    Isn’t Diona your wife?

  3. ThePivotloversable says:

    Hey look what I am watching now . Windows 7 Beta Thoughts – Better than Vista or XP? .

  4. ahawond says:

    Liked and Subscribed! Can’t believe I didn’t happen on here before

  5. voyager16 says:

    Ray William Johnson

  6. gazzbryant says:

    Chris, I really don’t like buying or renting anything electronic. ITunes, Steam, PSN, Xbox Live. I just don’t feel like I own it. If I have a physical representation of it, I know it’s there, it’s physical and not just a string of numbers and symbols. Just my opinion, you may be different.

  7. gazzbryant says:

    They do make self adhesive envelopes. Pull a strip off and stick ‘em together. Also, Ray William Johnson.

  8. ashipod13 says:

    Ray William Johnson

  9. ashipod13 says:

    how do you upload your videos, because to upload 10 videos a day i would go to bed late and get up early and then they would have t be around 2 or 3 minutes

  10. ashipod13 says:

    50 times 52 is 2600

  11. ashipod13 says:

    @lockergnome chris can you plz do a segment, once a week, called app of the week, showing an app that you enjoy using or have been using a lot in that week, thank you (btw that is constuctive critisicm)

  12. ashipod13 says:

    3pm pacific, 11pm gmt

  13. MrLuisgr8 says:

    Ray William Johnson

  14. MacGuy360 says:

    how do u feel about jailbreaking?

  15. TheNitram24 says:

    3PM Pacific

  16. EvangelistSoilder says:

    What time is it LIVE????

  17. statm1 says:

    Ray William Johnson

  18. waseem1173 says:

    i need to see the video can you please tell me the name.

  19. waseem1173 says:

    which video whats the name i ll search it.

  20. PDTalkinTech says:

    RWJ brought me here.

  21. riomarmccartney says:

    IS the RWJ fan army coming here? xD

  22. LogicallyHank says:

    Ray William Johnson.

  23. RobertJFClarke says:



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